Solid wood furniture

The shortage of workers in factories has led to a sharp decline in the number of furniture products on the market. There is so little furniture on the market right now that it takes a long time for people to order it.


A lot of times when people choose furniture, the first we will see the price of the product. In fact, this is a wrong approach. Buying furniture needs to consider the first point is the use of wood furniture, different environments corresponding to different wood.

solid wood furniture

Aesthetically speaking: Each wood has a different internal pattern, so the corresponding environment is also different. And the interior of the wood also sends out some special scents, which are beneficial to human health.


In the United States, many factories often use maple to make furniture. Maple is a kind of high-grade furniture that people like very much, its color is more harmonious, texture interlacing.

solid wood furniture

Many people in Canada like furniture made of oak, the material is relatively hard, the appearance is more beautiful, and the practicability is strong. But it is not resistant to high temperatures, and the price is relatively high.


New Zealanders generally use pine wood for furniture. Furniture made of pine wood is used for a long time and is very wear-resistant. Its elasticity and breathability are also very good. Its thermal conductivity is also relatively good. However, the wood of pine furniture is soft and easily cracks and deforms the furniture.


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