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The choice of bedding is very important to people! Everyone knows that 1/3 of the average person's life is spent in sleep. And a good rest time can improve our life, study, and work efficiency. So we need some good bedding to help us have a good sleep. Otherwise, we will have bad emotions. The following will explain to you some bedding that is difficult for many people to distinguish, because not distinguishing them will bring you some trouble.

The difference between a bedspread and a bedcap

What is a bedspread

The bed cover is something that is spread on the bed sheet, and there are usually some lace around it. These laces are mainly to make the bedspread look more beautiful. The function of the bedspread is to prevent dust from falling on the sheets.

Its second function is for decoration. Generally, there are some nice lace around the bed cover, which will make the whole bedroom look warm and comfortable.

Of course, some people think that if you can wash the sheets often, then there is no need to use a bed cover. Sometimes it is troublesome to use a bedspread, but it depends on your own living habits.

What is a bed hat?

The bed sheet is a bed sheet with rubber bands on the four corners that can be fixed on the mattress. This is also its advantage. It can be fixed and will not slide when sleeping on it. Of course, you can also think of it as a mattress cover.

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