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A slipcover is a cloth cover that covers the outside of a sofa.But because the improvement of people's life quality drives the upsurge of aesthetic taste, so now the quality and appearance of the sofa cover are constantly improving, more and more styles.In every home there is a sofa, want to custom sofa cover, but do not know how to measure the size of the sofa.It's hard for a lot of people.Here is a brief introduction to "how to measure the sofa and how to make the sofa cover".


How to make sofa cover


Steps for making sofa cover: First of all, look at your own sofa want to sofa cover is a what style, roughly estimated how much fabric;Then still want to cut the cloth, this we should all understand, two people can cooperate, according to the arc of the sofa, reserved from the fancy needs of the cloth;Cuffed, and then stitched, of course, or compare the skills. This is the simplest way to make a sofa cover.


Fitting type sofa cover production scheme


The first thing you have to do is prepare the tools, the ruler, the scissors, the machinery.

Sofa cover

2.Measure and plan
Measure the length and width of the front, side, top, bottom and back of the sofa cover to be made. Add another 1.3 inches to each size. This will allow you to have enough material to make the slipcover.


3.According to sofa shape cloth is inserted into chair seam, right now usable stationery clip or long ruler, plastic tube is inserted into chair seam.This will hold it in place and prevent it from slipping loose.


  1. Pull the cloth round the bend and the armrest on the sofa back and fix it with a paper clip.


  1. The technique of making slipcovers is not difficult to master. Need to pay attention to safety.
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