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Functional sofa bed, perhaps a few people can feel strange. Whether you also can question what is functional sofa bed, what should functional sofa bed choose and buy notice?


First, check how soft it is. A multi-functional sofa bed, first of all to check whether the sofa bed soft degree and mattress; And has high pressure resistance, good ventilation. Elastic balance, no matter supine lie or side lie, can link the normal posture of skeleton and muscle, such just be a comfortable sofa bed.


Next, we need to look at the height and quality of the sofa bed. Selection should observe whether the bracket welding place is smooth, coating is uniform, soft. The four corners of sofa bed without sound appear. If it is not very good quality sofa bed, its bed Angle is the most easy to find quality problems, because the good spring pressure will not sound. The height of meticulous bed, exorbitant go to bed inconvenient, too low affect human body health. This is because dust tends to accumulate more in places 30 centimeters apart from the ground.


Have a lot of sofa bed, by sofa "change shape" when be a bed, need opens fold bayonot perhaps take out to pull out slippery groove, some bottom of sofa bed still contains pulley, convenient host shifts position easily, because this these mobile "joint" also be the key place of sofa bed.


Finally sit on it and give it a try. Cushion sofa bed assumes the function of sofa in most cases, so the quality of cushion is very important. Cushion fabrics can not slip, elasticity should be moderate. Now, cushion of sofa bed of better quality and cushion for leaning on use nylon belt and snake spring cross net make up a structure more, layer matting tall play foam, gush glue cotton and light body foam. This cushion bounces back and is comfortable to sit on.

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