When people are sleeping: some people are used to sleeping on a soft mattress, but some people are used to sleeping on a hard mattress, so what kind of mattress is better for resting?


Of course, the answer is that neither too soft nor too hard is not perfect.


This is not fine, that is not fine neither, you may want to know what exactly makes a perfect mattress?


A good mattress looks like this...


First, can fully support the body (head, shoulders, waist, hip and legs).


Some of the direct sensations probably include that your body doesn't sink too much, and your back doesn't empty, and so on. That is, the body can maintain various physiological curves even when lying in bed.


Second, it can meet all kinds of positions, sleeping on your back, or sleeping on your side are comfortable.


Third , people will not suddenly feel back pain when you wakup (this may be the most direct way to tell).


It will be uncomfortable if the bed is too soft and your waist is strenuous.


So how do we know if the mattress meets above points?


First, we need to know whether we are suitable for a soft mattress or a hard mattress; then we ask the people who had bought a mattress according to our demands . To learn what they said about their choices of mattresses. Finally, getting some information from customer service.

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