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The manipulator can be compared to the CPU of a computer. Through the program set by the massage chair and the preset guide rails, it can massage the shoulders, neck, waist and hips with various techniques while moving. The research on manipulators best reflects the hard power of massage chair manufacturers. Generally speaking, 3D manipulators are currently better (4D manipulators for high-end ones), 2D is a little bit worse, and 1D is the worst. Others are basically gimmicks. Here D means the dimension, which is the same as one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional, and refers to the movement dimension of the manipulator.


When buying a massage chair, if your budget is sufficient. Then it is better to buy a 3D manipulator. If the budget is slightly lower, then you can consider a 2D manipulator. The 1D manipulator is already on the verge of elimination, so you don't need to consider it. If you want to buy a 4D manipulator massage chair, then you need to know what kind of 4D manipulator is. In addition, you also need to consider the material of the contact head of the manipulator. If it is a harder plastic, it is certainly not very comfortable to press; if it is silicone, it is softer and relatively comfortable to massage.



The program mentioned here refers to the massage program built into the massage chair. Through the program, the massage chair controls the manipulator to make various massage methods. As the experience of the massage method is very subjective, it is recommended to experience it in person. It will be better the more people covered by the general program.

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Lead Rail

The guide rail refers to the track (trajectory) of the manipulator movement. Then the criterion for the guide rail is: length. In addition, because our human body is curved. If the guide rail of the massage chair is straight, it must not fit well in certain positions of the waist, back, and buttocks. It will affect the massage effect. So another criterion is: the shape of the guide rail.
In the above two standards, massage chair manufacturers have developed several guide rails:
Straight guide: guide stroke about 60cm, short stroke, poor fitting;
S-type guide rail: guide stroke about 80cm, massage waist back position, short stroke, but good fit;
T-L guide rail: guide travel 110cm or so, massage can cover the hip, but because it is straight, the fit is general;

SL guide rail: comprehensive characteristics of S and L guide rail, long stroke, good fitting.


Choose and buy massage chair, no matter how much budget, it is recommended to choose SL guide rail.



The existence of the airbag is due to the area that the manipulator and the guide rail cannot cover. Such as limbs, hands and calves, shoulders, feet and other parts. Through inflation and deflation, the airbag achieves an increase and decrease in volume, thereby exerting force and unloading force on the limbs, reflecting the pressing effect.



Zero gravity can also be said to be weightless. According to Newton's second law W=mg, when an object moves freely in a gravitational field, it has mass but does not show a state of weight. In this state, the object's pressure on the support is less than its own gravity, thus exhibiting a floating phenomenon. Usually in outer space is in a gravity-free environment. 


The zero-gravity massage chair creates a feeling of weightlessness in outer space, as if floating around and floating, making people in a completely relaxed state, just like taking an elevator, playing a roller coaster, or taking a plane. A momentary weightlessness, letting the body release Stress, a relaxed feeling. 


Simply put, it is a state when the astronaut is in the air, completely stress-free. The massage chair generates an angle of 122 degrees plus or minus 7 degrees with the ground, dispersing the pressure of the human body to the chair, and truly relaxing.



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