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With the average household of three owning more than 6,000 items, sorting is a problem every household faces, according to the Japan Professional Verification Association, a sorting authority.


By changing the space, you can enjoy your life better, organize and clean your home carefully, and create your dream home!


The living room is a space for gathering and communication, and it needs to give people a clean and bright impression. The first important thing for tidying up is to make sure that no things other than decorations are placed in a large area of ​​the living room.

Sofa and coffee table and bookcase in living room

When placing items, you can choose some light-colored bookshelves, so that you can put all kinds of books well, and you can also use the extra angle, which can bring a richer interpretation effect to different angles .

All kinds of furniture placed in a large living room

The coffee table is a common household product, and it can also serve as a storage function. Choosing a suitable coffee table can get the best effect in the entire living room.


The kitchen, which is often used in daily life, can be regarded as the most difficult place to organize due to its relatively small space and many objects.

A clean and tidy kitchen

There are also many coups for organizing the kitchen. Do you often feel that the space in the refrigerator is not enough, and it is very inconvenient when you need to take it because it is so full?

A variety of fresh vegetables and fruits in the fridge

According to the classification of the ingredients: you can put the snacks and seasonings used for meals together, put them closer to the vegetables, and pack them in a sorted storage box, which is also very convenient for access.


Freezer storage method: According to the number of types of ingredients, we can use storage bags to seal them and label them, and use storage trays to separate the space.


A comfortable bedroom can not only bring relaxation to the body, but also give you a comfortable spiritual enjoyment. Let's create a clean and comfortable room and start your beautiful life~

The bed, cabinet and wardrobe in the bedroom and a single sofa

I believe that many people have the same troubles. Every time the season changes, the storage of clothes will become a very headache. So today I will tell you the tips for organizing the closet to keep the closet as clean as ever.


In order to make the clothing division more obvious, you can choose to make a low-cut design for the wardrobe. This kind of wardrobe design will make the storage effect very efficient.




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