In daily life, we often use some vacuum cleaners, towels or other tools to clean up the dust or dirty things on household products when we clean the household. Leave them as they were when you bought them.


But when people are cleaning, there are often some wrong ways of behavior that will make them clean in a short time. But over time, these mistakes can show up in household items.


For example, when we eat or drink, we often accidentally spill food juices or drinks on the sofa. At this time, be sure to use a clean towel to wipe, do not repeatedly to rub the surface of the product, which will damage the surface of the goods.


Note: Do not use coarse cloth or unused clothes as a towel to wipe household items.

Do not use dry towels to wipe the dust on the surface of household products;

Do not wash some products with soapy water, dish soap, or water;

Furniture spray wax can not be used to clean or maintain leather sofa;


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