How should wooden furniture be preserved

Furniture is an indispensable part of our living environment and occupies a very important position in our life. In recent years, due to the outbreak of novel Coronavirus, many furniture manufacturers in the market lack labor, resulting in a shortage of furniture resources. And furniture is made of wood, which is easily broken, so how can we keep furniture wood properly?


First, prevent direct sunlight solid wood furniture. Although the sun in winter is not as fierce as in summer, the long-term sun combined with the original dry climate is easy to make the wood too dry, showing cracks and local fade. Thus in daily living, the placement of furniture should as far as possible to prevent the sunshine outdoor furniture for total or partial long-term exposure, or use transparent gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight, so as not to affect indoor lighting, but also to soften the light. It adds a touch of warm and romantic atmosphere to the room, and at the same time maintains the indoor furniture.

Wooden tables and chairs in the furniture

Second,handle with care to prevent bumps and scratches. Solid wood furniture is said to suffer from high-end wooden furniture. If you don't scratch or break it carefully, you will be very sorry. When moving or moving the furniture, handle it with care, and don't pull it hard to avoid damage to the tenon and tenon structure. Tables and chairs cannot be lifted and fall off easily. They should be lifted from both sides of the table and the chair surface. It is best to remove the cabinet door and then lift the cabinet to reduce weight and prevent the cabinet door from flowing.


Third, stay away from heat sources and corrosive materials. Don't place hot or cold things on solid wood furniture, stay away from open flames, and don't let the furniture surface come in contact with corrosive materials, such as alcohol, water, gasoline, nail polish, strong, alkali, etc. These will cause damage to solid wood furniture that is difficult to repair.


Solid wood furniture cleaning method:

First, Everyday solid wood furniture is in addition to dust. In addition to dust in time: For furniture, especially solid wood furniture, dust is the first damage. Generally, high-end log furniture made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc. have exquisitely carved decorations. If they cannot be cleaned on schedule, not only will dust accumulate in the gaps, which will affect the appearance, but also accelerate the aging of the furniture. Every day, the surface of solid wood furniture needs to be dusted to ensure that the surface is clean and dry.


Second, Clean solid wood furniture stains. Clean stains in time: The surface of solid wood furniture will inevitably be stained with pollutants in the air, oil fume during cooking, and stains caused by the past, so it is necessary to pay attention to clean it out in time. Compared with dust, stains are more difficult to clean.


Choice of stain cleaner: To remove stains, you need to use a special furniture cleaner. Instead of using oily cleaners to clean, it will cause whitening on the surface of the furniture. In addition, alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents should not be used, otherwise it will cause fatal damage to the solid wood furniture.


People's demand for wooden furniture has gradually risen from focusing on appearance to focusing on materials. More new products are won by original designs and high-quality raw materials. Made from natural ancient materials, it always gives people a clean and comfortable feeling.





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