Polyester Comforter

People often say that the polyester fiber Comforter is a Comforter made of synthetic fibers. It has good elasticity, dimensional stability, insulation and so on. Its color is also relatively stable, not easy to fade, even if used for a long time, it looks more beautiful. But it will generate some static electricity after being rubbed.


However, compared to other Comforters: polyester fiber Comforters are very washable in terms of washing. It can be washed directly in the washing machine, or hand-washed with cold water. When cleaning, choose liquid detergent to clean, and the washing time should not be too long.


From the market, the price of polyester fiber Comforter is relatively cheap. And it has better warmth retention and light weight.


Polyester Comforter has now become a popular product among cheap products. But if you need to buy, we can give you a few suggestions:


Check the seven-hole cotton content on the Comforter label. Nowadays, the standard does not stipulate how much content of seven-hole cotton in a Comforter can be regarded as seven-hole Comforter. Therefore, as a consumer, it is safer to choose a Comforter with a higher content of seven-hole cotton.


Check the surface material of the Comforter. The surface material of the Comforter is also very important. It is necessary to choose the surface material to be made of relatively dense and high-count yarn, so that the quality of the Comforter is better.


We can spread the Comforter on a relatively spacious surface to see if the Comforter is flat. Observe whether the thickness of the Comforter is uniform. Check whether the four sides of the Comforter naturally form a straight line.

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