Why should the quilt be changed regularly

How often do you change your quilt? I have met a few friends before. Their families are quite wealthy, but they have used the quilt for a long time; so it is not financial difficulties, but many people do not have enough awareness of the impact of the quilt on their health.


The International Standard (ARIA) proves that 100 mites per 1 gram of dust can cause allergic reactions. However, no matter the pillow or the quilt, as time goes by, the pillow and quilt are prone to breed dust mites, and when the quilt is used for a long time, there will be millions of fungal spores. Therefore, it is a good habit to change the bedding regularly.


If the quilt is used for a long time, the filling loses its elasticity, and its ability to keep warm will be greatly reduced. Many people say that quilts that have been used for a long time will become thinner and thinner, the fibers are uneven, and the warmth retention is greatly compromised. Even if the duvets, silk quilts, and chemical fiber quilts are well maintained, the softness and comfort will decrease if they are used for a long time. According to the Yijia Household Co., Ltd. test, the warmth performance of quilts that have been used for more than 2 years is reduced by 50%.


We have done a questionnaire survey of thousands of people, according to the survey: 68% of people will be affected by the quilt humidity due to the quality of sleep. Depending on the climate, the temperature and humidity of the bedroom will change; temperature and humidity have a great influence on healthy sleep. For example, we will feel bored in a high temperature and high humidity environment, and we will also feel irritable and restless. Therefore, different quilts should be used to adapt to different climates. Nowadays, there are more typhoons and more rain. So we should choose some thin chemical fiber quilts.

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