Hangzhou Yijia Household Co., Ltd. FQA

(1) I buy more products are discount? 

There is. Our store will hold a special offer at an indefinite time. Of course, if you need to buy many items at one time, you can contact our online customer service and she will give you a more suitable price.


(2) We buy, how much can avoid freight?

For countries that are not that far from the United States, buy our goods. You only need to buy up to five items at a time, and we can waive your shipping charges. For countries far away from the United States, you need to consult our customer service to answer this question for you.


(3) You usually how long you can deliver?

In the absence of exceptions, for us users, you can usually receive your purchase within 5-10 days. Users in other countries usually need 10-15 days to receive the products. If you encounter special situations, please contact our customer service staff in time. She will track your purchases for you in real time, ensuring you have a pleasant shopping experience.

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