Hangzhou Yijia Household Co., Ltd. FQA

(1) We'd like to know what product you can supply ,and what your sales terms? 

The products we usually supply fall into two categories: First, household products; The second type of leisure and entertainment products. Household items include "bedding (mattress, quilt, pillow and bed cover, etc.), kitchen utensils (soybean milk machine, bread maker, microwave oven, etc.), daily necessities (vacuum cleaner, gardening scissors, sofa, etc.)"; And our leisure supplies are "massage chair, mahjong machine, etc.". The relevant terms of sale are linked at the bottom of this page.


(2) Do I pay the freight? How to calculate?

Because our factory is located in the United States, there is no freight charge for residents of the United States. Of course, for countries other than the United States, we will charge corresponding shipping charges. Please consult the store customer service for the specific shipping costs, and she will give you a detailed answer.

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