How does rainy season come outdoor sofa to choose

A group or a few groups of furniture are placed inside courtyard garden, leisure time drinks tea to admire scenery, fun of a kind of life can yet be regarded as.


But many people have big questions about the choice of outdoor homes under the sun and rain every day. Today, for you to introduce how to choose outdoor sofa, how to choose a good quality, beautiful and generous, long service life outdoor sofa.


The choice of high quality PE rattan, wind resistance is good, suitable for outdoor rainwater, exposure environment. High toughness without fracture.


Able to withstand the weight of multiple adults, strong, stable and shock resistant. Durable and not easy to rust.


It has soft skin, wear-resistant and durable, high color fastness, waterproof and sunscreen, strong air permeability, mite proof and insect proof, and does not fade.


High rebound, no collapse, with the absorption of external forces, feel delicate, soft, comfortable and sedentary characteristics.


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