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For those with long hair

Many women and men like to have long hair. For such people, they need to be extra careful about their long hair when using massage chairs. Because the massage chair will roll their long hair into some gaps in the massage vibration process, causing physical trauma to them.


Patients with osteoporosis

Because the strength of the electric massage chair is not easy to control, when the strength is small, the effect is small; When the force is high, it may lead to the fracture of the local bony structure of the elderly, which is already weak.


People with poor cervical and lumbar vertebrae

If the massage chair is used improperly, it will lead to changes in the biomechanics of the spine, small joint disorders, lumbar disc herniation and other situations, resulting in increased physical discomfort.


Patients with heart disease and hypertension

Massage can speed up the blood circulation of the body, which may lead to the recurrence of old diseases in patients with heart disease and high blood pressure.


Therefore, these people try not to use massage chairs. Of course, if people with long hair want to use it. I suggest you tie up your long hair.

Massage chair

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