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What do you need to consider when choosing a massage chair?

The choice of massage chair needs to consider the control mode, function, power supply mode, massage principle, applicable occasions, material and other factors, such as PU, acrylic and other materials; Functions are hand-held wire control, wireless remote control, timing, infrared therapy, etc. The control mode is computer type, mechanical type and so on.


How to clean the massage chair?

According to the massage chair surface material, the maintenance method of each material is different. Please confirm the material of the cloth before maintenance. Wipe it with a soft dry cloth (do not let chemicals such as petroleum alcohol or thinner drop on the massage chair) or it will lead to deformation of the chair and deterioration of the leather case. Damp a soft cloth with warm water and an appropriate cleanser, wring it out, and wipe it with a pat. After gently wiping with dry cloth, let it dry naturally. (Do not dry by rapid drying). Usually do not step on the massage chair, and do not heavy fall, etc. Of course, you can also call the service company's door-to-door cleaning massage chairs and other household items. If the massage chair is used for a long time, you can let the master to add a lubricating oil test is free.


How can massage chair be used longer?

In general, the service life of high quality massage chair is more than 5 years, and some good maintenance of 8 to 10 years will not be a problem. Doing a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance is to ensure the normal use of massage chair, which is an important way to prolong the service life.

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