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What is the effect of the massage chair on the back?

The main functions of the massage chair when massaging the back are as follows:

(1)  It can improve the blood circulation in the back and promote the blood to transport more nutrients to muscles and other tissues.
(2) It can properly relax the tense and stiff back muscles, help to promote the recovery of muscle flexibility and relieve muscle fatigue and pain.
(3) Massage can increase the body's hormone secretion-the level of endorphins increases, and higher levels of endorphins help to reduce pain and reduce anxiety.


What do you need to pay attention to for back massage?

(1) Pay attention to the strength

Attention must be paid when massaging, no matter what kind of massage chair it is, we need to adjust the strength to suit us. When massaging the back, the muscles in some parts of the body should not be too hard, so the intensity should be appropriate.


(2) Room temperature should be appropriate

The environment for back massage in winter must be warm, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold. You can turn on some heating indoors. In summer, many people like to turn on the air conditioner. When doing back massage indoors, the indoor air conditioner temperature should not be too low. Otherwise, you may catch a cold. It is recommended to turn on the 28 degree air conditioner.


(3) Take a bath before massage

We can take a bath before the massage. In this way, both body and spirit can be relaxed, and the massage experience will be better. At the same time, when doing massage, you can also play some relaxing and soothing light music, which can make people's body and mind more comfortable and get physical enjoyment in a pleasant environment.

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