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How to choose the massage chair used by the elderly? Nowadays, the elderly have gradually become the main consumers in the market, and many elderly products have also appeared, and massage chairs are one of them. So how do the elderly choose a massage chair? What should I pay attention to when using a massage chair?


Simple and practical function

If you buy a massage chair for the elderly, you don’t need too many functions, but it’s practical. Some TV, MP3, jade massage and other functions can be selected according to your needs. Some functions may not be needed for the elderly.


Don't have too much massage power.

Some elderly people may have a strong tolerance and like a massage chair with a strong massage force. But this kind of massage chair with too much massage force is actually not suitable for most elderly people. Old people have low bone density, and the flexibility of bones and soft tissues is relatively poor. If you choose a massage chair with too much strength, it is easy to cause discomfort or even harm to the body of the elderly.


Choose with body shape detection

The low-end massage chair does not have the function of body shape detection, and can only operate according to the default program. It can't be adjusted according to the user's body shape at all. Therefore, the user may feel that the massage chair is too rough. It lacks the comfort of high-end massage chairs. Often the part that should be pressed is not enough, but the part that should not be pressed is painful. Even long-term use of this resistance massage chair can cause damage to the body. Elderly people especially don't choose this low-grade massage chair without body shape detection function, try to choose the one with body shape detection function.


Selection of surface materials

Due to the different material of the fabric, the corresponding price is also different. The fabrics of massage chairs on the market are generally leather, but everyone does not know what the leather is. Some are made of skin, and some are made of leather. This is what we often call leather. There are also grades of leather, which is divided into good leather and bad leather. Good PU leather feels soft to the touch, has good abrasion resistance and compression resistance, and leaves no traces on nail scratches. Some are prone to peeling and tearing after a long time.


The overall material of the machine

Some machines are made of plastic, while others are made of toughened glass. We all know that toughened glass is better than plastic in hardness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.


Observe the inside of the machine

There are many gears and bearings inside the machine, and the machine will generate heat after friction, and the gears inside the machine must be metal. Some gears on the market are made of plastic, so its use time will not be too long.

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