Yijia Household Co., Ltd. is offering the biggest discounts on furniture and homewares in the run-up to Christmas

Yijia Household Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of new products from October to November as we operate as an independent retailer. In the sales platform to supply their own production of goods, our advantages: goods produced in the United States, sold around the world. In terms of time, the delivery time is greatly shortened.


Our home furnishing products comprehensively determine the research and development and improvement of the products based on the research of the marketing department and the feedback from customers after use. It has changed the place where customers were dissatisfied with the product in the past. Some of these products contain additional functions and additional products, in order to achieve the potential of additional products to achieve low effort/high return.


Before Christmas, the products in our store are sold at the existing discounted prices. After Christmas, the price of our products will return to the original price, and some products will rise.


All products sold in our shop are free of delivery fees during this time period. If you have any products you need, please send an email to a198blwt@gmail.com or Sogi19890622@163.com. If you need products with preferential prices, please pay attention to the latest news released by us in time.

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